My challenges

OK So the last time I tried a challenge, it was a failure. I didn't reach my 100 pushups goal and before I could do 60 pushups. However I may have learned what's really important:
  • "Even I can do it", that the first thing I realised when I started the challenge. I could gradually do more and more pusups and this kept me going on.
  • It provided me a programme that I had to stick to and thus I could have the min physical training, i've always wanted to adopt. Now even after the challenge, I still do pushups as part of my keep fit routine.
  • It's fun talking about it, boasting/or not about your performance
  • I now have chess muscles (yep, I was thinier than Keira Knightley) and look great in my shirts
Now my record pullups is 55. I think Ill take the challenge again but for now I'm concentrating on my twenty pullups challenge.

2 commentaires:

  1. Anonyme6:24 PM

    Go go go! you can do it. =)
    What about situps?

  2. Ptet après mo pou commence intègre li dans mo routine. Plus important pour l'instant c les pecks et les dos ^^ pas couma dire mo ena n gros ventre pou casser :p